Texas Valves & Instruments LLC

Weston Thermometers

Texas Valves & Instruments LLC, formally Jaguar Instruments, was formed from the acquisition of the Robertshaw Level Switch-- LevelAC, the Robertshaw pressure gauge-- Acragage, and Weston thermometers. For many years, we have been providing products such as RTD's, Gauges, Thermometers, and Switches.

We sell gas sampling and detection equipment, horizontal mounts, vertical mounts, 2-valve and 5-valve manifolds, adapter plates and stabilized taps.

Gas Sampling Products and TVI Equipment

Gas Sampling products


Gas Measurement - Gas Sampling - Sample Cylinders

Need gas sampling and detecting equipment?

Check out TVI's full line of gas sampling products,
ready to handle any gas sampling or gas detection need.



TVI-I Products

Horizontal & Vertical Mounts,
2-Valve and 5-Valve Manifolds
Gas Test Fitting, Adapter Plates and Stabilized Taps