VPCR Sample Cylinders

Designed to Comply with ASTM D7975-14

ASTM Manifold Components

  • Vacuum valve
  • Purge valve
  • Pressure valve
  • Cylinder valve
  • Pressure gauge
  • Vacuum gauge

CP Cylinder Components

  • Cylinder Gauges (2)
  • Cylinder Purge Valve (2)
  • 1800 PSI Rupture Disc (2)
  • Safety Assist Handle
  • Teflon Mixing Ball
  • Magnetic Fill Indicator


  • Electro polished cylinder bore
  • Non hydro carbon lubricant
  • All necessary components to perform a VPCR test in one easy to use system
  • Very low friction for low pressure applications
  • Pre-set stops for cylinder travel
  • Straight thru valve design
  • Easy clean up
  • Safety guard assist handle
  • Gauges can be sized to the application
  • Cylinder is safe to operate to 1800 PSI

VPCR Sample  Cylinder Diagram


Wetted Metal 316 SS
Elastomers Viton; 90A Molythane
Tie Rods & Nuts 304 SS
Mixing Ball PTFE
Manual Rod 316 SS
Pressure Rating of Cylinder 1800 PSi @ 200°F
Pressure Rating of Manifold Limited by the Range of the Selected Gauge
Valve Seats Delrin
Valve Seals Viton 75
Temperature Rating 300°F

Dimensions & Weights

SizeOverall LengthWeight
300 cc25.5"14.5 lbs
500 cc38.8"16.5 lbs
1000 cc74.0"21.0 lbs